The Water Tower before its face lift with East Lomond in the background


People often remark on our water tower which stands out and is a local landmark.

Family history has it that the tower was built by a Dutch architect/engineer who was across here for the building of the Tay Rail Bridge hence the Dutch appearance. The Walker family who owned the estate at that time were investors in the railway so it is possible.

The Tower has a large water tank at the top which provides the head to supply our water by gravity. The water from the artesian well used to be pumped up to the tower with a wind pump we now use an electric submersible pump.




The water tower after its facelift







The tower has had a bit of a face lift recently with repairs to the roof and a fresh coat of paint on the exterior. It is lasting well for being over 100 years old.

Obviously our water supply is very important to us so it pays to look after it.