It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were surrounded by fields covered in snow and work was underway in the distillery to produce the latest batch of spirit. The snow certainly doesn’t seem to last that long around here, but then, neither does the whisky itself. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of the harsher weather, and we’ll be able to bring out the 2010 Winter Release very shortly without seeing a return to the cold.

The Fife Whisky Festival in March was another huge success, and it was great to see so many whisky enthusiasts out over the course of the weekend. A huge congratulations and many thanks to Justine, Karen and the fantastic team of volunteers who helped keep us refreshed throughout two very busy days of pouring drams and chatting to all the guests who took the time to come and speak to us.

There are a number of new releases to look forward to in the coming months, alongside a few that have already come out. Our friends at Berry Brothers and Rudd have recently released their first single cask of the year, distilled in 2010 and bottled in 2022. And the team at TB Watson Ltd have chosen our youngest bottling to date to be their cask choice for the excellently named Drambusters release, which was distilled in 2012 and bottled in 2022.

Going forward, we have the 2010 Winter release mentioned previously, as well as a number of single cask releases which will go out over the next few months. And it won’t be long before summer is upon us again, with (hopefully) better weather and the chance to get outside and enjoy a dram with friends and family.